Plant Detail
Plant Name 'Blumea obliqua (L.) Druce
Synonym Blumea amplectens DC., Erigeron obliqum L.
Family Asteraceae
Local Name -
Habit Herb, up to 50 high            
Habitat In sandy localities and wasteplaces
Distribution Karaikal, Niravy, Thirunallar, Kotucherry,
Status Common
Flowering Time
Throughout the year.
Fruiting Time
Throughout the year.

        Blumea oblique (L.) Druce Herb, up to 50 high; branchlets pilose. Leaves alternate, oblong-ellipsoid to spatulate, 4.5 - 8.5 x 1.6 - 2.5 cm, attenuate at base, dentate at margin, obtuse at apex, densely pilose; ca. 10-pairs; petiole sessile. Capitulum solitary, terminal. Flowers yellow; 2-peduncles; bracts 2-seriate, linear, 4.5 mm long, wooly hairy at tipped. Female flowers and male flowers linear-tubular. Corolla; female flowers inconspiculy 3-lobed, linear; male flowers conspiculy, 5-lobed, hairy. Stamens 5; filament short; anther 02 mm long. Ovary ovoid; 1-loculed; ovules 1; style filiform, hairy, 3.5 mm long; stigma shortly 2-lobed, 0.8 mm long, hairy. Achenes ellipsoid, 0.6 mm long, ribbed yellowish, pubescent; pappus whitish-pink.

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