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Plant Name 'Blumea bifoliata (L.) DC.
Synonym Blumea amplectens, Blumea oligocephala DC. , Conyza bifoliata L.
Family Asteraceae
Local Name -
Habit Herb, up to 50 high            
Habitat In roadsides and wasteplaces
Distribution Karaikal, Niravy, Thirunallar, T.R.Pattinam
Status Less common
Flowering Time
Oct. - May.
Fruiting Time
Oct. - May.

        Blumea bifoliata (L.) DC. Herb, up to 50 high; branchlets glandular-pubescent. Leaves alternate elliptic-oblong, 2.5 - 5.5 x 1.4 - 2.7 cm, attenuate at base, entire, dentate at margin, obtusely mucronuate at apex, wooly brownish; 5-pairs; petiole sessile. Capitulum, solitary, axillary, 2 - 3-flowered. Flowers ca. 07 mm long, yellow; peduncle 2.5 cm long; pedicel 2.5 - 4 cm long; bracts many, ciliate at margin; male flowers tubular; female flowers filiform. Corolla shortly 3 - 5-lobed. Stamens 5; filament filiform, longest; anther slender, 02 mm long. Ovary ovoid, small; 1-loculed; ovules 1; style filiform, 04 mm long; stigma 2-lobed, 1 mm long. Achenes ellipsoid-oblong, 1 mm long, ribbed, whitish, hairy; pappus whitish.

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