Plant Detail
Plant Name Oldenlandia herbacea
Synonym Hedyotis herbacea, Hedyotis linearis Steud., Hedyotis micrantha Hochst. ex Hiern, Hedyotis triflora Wall., Oldenlandia heynii R. Br. ex G. Don
Family Rubiaceae
Local Name -
Habit Herb, up to 50 high            
Habitat In sandy localities
Distribution Kotucherry,
Status Less common
Flowering Time
Jan. - April.
Fruiting Time
Jan. - April.

        Hedyotis herbacea L. Herb, up to 50 high; stem 4-angled, glabrous. Leaves opposite, decussate, linear-lanceolate, 1.2 - 2.7 x 0.2 - 04 cm, cuneate at base, entire at margin, acute-apiculate at apex, glabrous; 1-nerved; petiole sessile. Stipule fused, triangular. Flowers ca. 2 mm across, white, solitary, axillary or extra axillary; peduncle 1 - 3 per node, up to 3 cm long. Calyx -lobe 5, triangular-linear, ca. 1.5 mm long. Corolla salverform, tube longer than calyx lobe, 4-lobe, spatulate-oblong to elliptic, ca. 1 mm long. Stamens 4; filament slender, ca. 1.2 mm long; anther oblong, exserted, 0.4 mm long. Ovary subglobose, ca. 0.8 mm long; 2-loculed; ovules many; style shortly filiform, 1.5 mm long; stigma exserted, 2-lobed. Capsules subglobose-ovoid, ca. 03 mm across, localicidally dehiscent; seeds many, ovoid, pitted, dark brown.

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