Welcome to eFlora of Karaikal District

This is a first systematic approach towards cataloguing the plant specimens using standard digital formats in the district level in U.T of Puducherry. eFlora (Electronic Flora) is one of the computational methods, where the available data from phytodiversity survey is stored and made available to users at ease. It is a web-based program including digital images and searchable descriptions based on floral information in the organized format.

eFlora of Karaikal District, a comprehensive inventory of plant species and an interactive identification system of all known plants of Karaikal district, Union Territory of Puducherry. It aims to bring all native and naturalized plant species of Karaikal district act as an online catalogue of vascular plants of coastal district of South India. eFlora of Karaikal District is one of the simple web tool which highly useful to biologists as well as non-biologists for easy identification and to understand the distribution of taxa in the flora of Karaikal district.

Primarily, this work is funded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi in the form of Major Research Project to Dr.K.Sambandan (Principal Investigator) Asst Professor, Department of Plant Science, Avvaiyar Government College for Women, Karaikal- 609 602, U.T of Puducherry, India. (sambandhan@gmail.com ).

How to cite this work

Sambandan, K., Dhatchanamoorthy, N., and Jagadeesan, J., 2015. eFlora of Karaikal District, U.T of Puducherry, India. Online edition access at http://www.eflorakkl.in 10-Sep-2015.